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Pile of forested logs


It all started in 1992 with some part-time fence building. We started digging graves part time a few short years after later. We bought our first tractor mounted stump grinder in 2000. Then in 2001, we purchased our first Woodmizer portable sawmill. This changed everything. We took the next step and Powell-Hanger LLC officially became an LLC in 2002. We sold our original stump grinder and purchased our remote control stump grinder in 2003. We purchased our 2nd portable sawmill in 2008 and the 3rd in 2012 along with the lumber edger and we sold the original mill soon afterwards.  Now we proudly own a backhoe, compact excavator, compact wheel loader, 4 trailers, 3 ton trucks, dozer, 2 Woodmizer sawmills, Woodmizer edger, stump grinder and other complimentary equipment.

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